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Sino si Charles Darwin?

Si Charles  Robert Darwin (Pebrero 12 1809-Abril 19 1882) ay isang naturalista Briton na  nagkamit ng pangmatagalang kasikatan bilang tagapagsimula ng teoriya ng  ebolus (MORE)

Why did Charles Darwin go atheist?

  First of all, Charles Darwin said he was not an atheist but an agnostic.   He started out training to be a doctor, like his father; but he found the operations - in t (MORE)

Do you believe in Charles Darwins theory?

It's more of a matter of acceptance than belief. Belief implies  there is no evidence, so one has to rely on faith. I personally  accept the genetic, embryological, and pale (MORE)

Who was Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin was born on 12th February 1809 in Shrubbery England. His father was Dr. Robert Waring Darwin. He had an interest in natural history at an early age. His mother (MORE)

What did Charles Darwin propose?

  Charles Darwin proposed a mechanism - called natural selection - for how evolution takes place.   Evolution is the process by which living things become adapted to th (MORE)

What experiences on jobs did charles Darwin have?

It is not surprising that Charles Darwin became a scientist-- he came from a family of doctors, botanists, and other scientists. Even as a boy, Darwin was always fascinated by (MORE)

What was Charles Darwin big contribution?

He contributed the Theory of Evolution to science. Evolution: is the change over time in one or more inherited traits found in populations of individuals. Inherited traits (MORE)

What proof did Charles Darwin have about evolution?

Darwin collected enormous numbers of fossils and specimens of extant species, and made thousands of observations of changes. His observations clearly documented that species u (MORE)