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Can chewing gum make you fat?

  Dr. Ben Kim in "The Price of Chewing Gum":     If you chew gum on a regular basis, please consider the following:     1. Chewing gum causes unnecessary wea (MORE)

What does chewing gum do to you?

Chewing Gum can help with the following:       Digestion Constipation   Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that is very low in calories simply becaus (MORE)

Do people chew chewing gum?

yeah of course they do that's why it called chewing gum but if your new to this which probly not then don't swallow well i mean you can but this one girl had to go to the hosp (MORE)

IS Chewing gum chewed at high altitude?

YES Chewing gum is chewed at high altitude, some people chew gum when they Take off from a plane or start the landing process...because the rapid decrease or increase of altit (MORE)

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