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Did Chuck Berry name his guitar?

He did not name his guitar. Every time his warrenty was up, he'd get a new guitar, mind you the same make and model. People get this confused with B.B. King's Lucille.
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Are chuck berry and Marvin berry related?

No, they are not related.  Marvin Berry was a fictional character in "Back to the Future."  There is also a satirical (joke) story on the Onion website that Chuck Berry had (MORE)

Where does chuck berry reside?

Chuck Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He lives further out in rural Missouri now, on a sprawling property that he maintains himself, riding the tractor, etc...
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Does Chuck Berry have nickname?

  Chuck Berry does have a nickname, its the father of rock n` roll
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What race was chuck berry?

He was African American, but also had an appreciable amount of Native American heritage (one great-grandparent or something like that).
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Is Halle Berry related to Chuck Berry?

No, they are not related.  They simply share the same last name, but there is no evidence of any familial relationship.
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How did Chuck Berry reach the charts?

Muddy Waters heard Berry's act and suggested he go up to Chicago and "See Leonard" (Chess) owner of Chess Records at 2120 S. Michigan Ave. Chess listened to Berry's tunes, sel (MORE)

Who is Chuck Berry?

Chuck Berry is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.October 18, 1926: Charles ("Chuck") Edward Anderson Berry was born (MORE)
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