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What is colitis?

Inflamation of the colon. Colitis is actually inflammation in the large intestine. It can be caused my many different disease types. There are different types of colitis. O ( Full Answer )
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Is colitis curable?

No, it is not curable. It is treatable through medication and/or surgery, but there is no cure for it. Even resection of the intestine doesn't stop the colitis from reoccurrin ( Full Answer )
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How do you get colitis?

Colitis is an autoimmune disease, so your body is attacking you. Autoimmune diseases are hereditary, and are passed down through family. 20% of people with UC have a family me ( Full Answer )
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What is the cure for colitis?

When I was diagnosed a few years ago, the doctors told me the cure was to remove the colon. But with Prednisone and Asacol, they got it under control, and then switched me to ( Full Answer )
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Is colitis the same as ulcerative colitis?

No. Colitis is inflammation of the colon (often used to describeinflammation of the whole large intestine - colon, rectum, andcecum), which can be caused by a variety of thing ( Full Answer )
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Can you cure colitis?

Yes, it can be cured with medication and patients can go in remission, but it can flare up again.
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What is fulminating colitis?

Fulminating colitis-- A potentially fatal complication of amebic dysentery marked by sudden and severe inflammation of the intestinal lining, severe bleeding or hemorrhaging, ( Full Answer )
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What a colitis?

Colitis refers to an inflammation of the inner lining of the colonand can be associated with diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, andblood in the stool. It can be caused by inf ( Full Answer )
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How can you cure colitis?

To cure colitis, you would need to seekprofessional care. To treat it as best as possible, you would needto eat certain foods and avoid certain foods that are on thecolitis li ( Full Answer )
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Where is your colitis?

It is not a thing in the body. It is an illness. If affects the colon.