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What colleges have wheelchair basketball teams?

u of Arizona, u of Illinois,u of Alabama, u of Texas Arlington,Oklahoma State, u of Missouri, u of Wisconsin whitewater, u of Pennsylvania Edinboro, and southwest Minnesota st (MORE)

How do you calculate RPI in college basketball?

The RPI calculates 3 percentages: team's winning percentage, opponents' winning percentage, and opponents' opponents' winning percentage. To calculate the team's winning per (MORE)

When can you get a college scholarship for college basketball?

Yes, you can get a college scholarship for college basketball. You will need to be quite good and recognized in your school and district to attract schools to offer you a scho (MORE)
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Who schedules college basketball games?

During the nonconference schedule, the games are usually scheduled by the head coaches. The head coaches of different teams agree to play a home and away (the following year), (MORE)

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