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Where is Colorado?

Colorado is located in the Western United States. Colorado borders Wyoming to the North, Kansas and Nebraska to the East, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the South, and Utah to the (MORE)

What are facts about Colorado?

Some facts about Colorado: . About 33% of all the land in Colorado belongs to the FederalGovernment. . About 75% of all the land in the US over 10,000 feet inelevation is (MORE)

How did Colorado get its nickname?

The State of Colorado's nickname is "The Centennial State." It was  given this nickname because it became a state in 1876, the 100 year  anniversary of America's signing of (MORE)

Is there a everwood Colorado?

nope Everwood is completely fictional. Unfortunately that is the sad truth, it would be great though wouldn't it if a place like that with people so nice, were real?   It m (MORE)

How hot does it get in Colorado?

Depends on summer or winter. Summer we hit 80s-90s on the eastern plains, and sometimes the rare 100 (on a dry summer). And sometimes summer starts later and we can have 50s (MORE)

What is the shape of Colorado?

It is technically an irregular shape. But most people would say it is a rectangle. It is debatable.
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