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How long is the drive from louisville Kentucky to Columbia South Carolina?

The driving distance between Louisville, KY and Columbia, SC is approximately 505 miles. The driving time would be approximately 8 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-s (MORE)

What route do you take to myrtle beach from Columbia South Carolina?

Take I-20 WEST to US-76 EAST/301 NORTH via I-95 NORTH (EXIT 141A off I-20) and SC-327 SOUTH (EXIT 170 off I-95; right off exit ramp, then left at second light).When US-76 EAST (MORE)

What is Columbia South Carolina like?

very uncomfortable extremely high humidity, big bugs that run across your feet when you are walking on the side walk (look like cockroaches) however, lots to see and do, frien (MORE)

Does it snow in Columbia South Carolina?

  Yes, It can snow in Columbia, SC. In 2004 January it snowed 8 inches in Blythewood, SC which is 13 miles north of Columbia, SC. We are more likely to get ice storms, whi (MORE)

What airlines fly into Columbia South Carolina?

Continental, American Eagle, Delta, US Airways, Vision and United all service CAE. However it is rarely a full sized plane so be ready to squeeze into the small jets. Direct f (MORE)

At what age can you drop out of school in Columbia South Carolina?

Answer   You may drop out anytime as long as you have passed the 8th grade and its ok with your legal guardian.   More Input From Contributors   The age for compu (MORE)

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