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What are crabs?

Answer . Several kinds of crabs, some are crustaceans , others are pubic lice. They feed on blood. That's why you're fun parts can be itchy. They are called crabs because t ( Full Answer )
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What do crabs do?

crabs have a very boring life they just walk about in the water and hide in bits of seaweed
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How do you get crabs?

You get crabs, which are basically a type of lice but in your pubic hair, by coming into contact with someone else who has them. The most common way of getting them is by havi ( Full Answer )
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How to crab?

First, you need to find a bay along the ocean where crabs are known to be. Crabs inhabit most bay areas around the cost. Secondly, you must have pots. They should allow the cr ( Full Answer )
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What is a crab?

Crabs are (usually) marine crustaceans. They have ten legs(counting specialized ones, e.g., claws or flattened pair of hindones for swimming). Their body is generally broad an ( Full Answer )
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What is crab?

if u are saying in food...a tipe of seafood..if u are saying animal...True crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura , which typically have a very short pr ( Full Answer )
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How do you do a crab?

With great difficulty people with pinnies find it easier, but watch out for it's pincers. ;)
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How do crabs eat other crabs?

Really hermite crabs dont eat other crabs,if one crabs dies and u dont feed the other then it might eat the died crab but crabs dont eat other crabs
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What is there to crab about?

I've got crabs too! I find scratching your pubic region with a fork is the best option, but some people say a knitting needle
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What is a crab-?

A crab is a a broad carapace-crustacean with 5 pairs of legs,stalked eyes, with the first pair acting as pincers.