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Why is cubism used?

Cubism was used to convey that the artist was painting something  from numerous viewpoints. It was also an alternative to realism.
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Why did cubism begin?

Cubism began because when the camera was invented in the 1840s artists felt like they were redundant, as, if someone wanted a portrait done they would just arrange to get thei (MORE)

Why did Cubism occur?

Picasso said they wanted painting to equal sculpture so as to see the subject from different angles.
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Why is Cubism revolutionary?

Cubism was a huge turning point in the history of art. Beginning with the Impressionists, the objective of artists began to shift from capturing detailed images of "a window o (MORE)

Who was involvved in cubism?

Many artists were involved in this revolutionary artistic movement. However, the main artists for style is Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Georges Braque. Picasso revolutionized (MORE)
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Where was cubism invented?

Cubism was invented in France at the beginning of the twentieth century by George Braques and Pablo Picasso.
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Why was Cubism Created?

  When painters were paid to paint still life they had to paint it as realisticly as possible. However, when photographs were invented they were not need any more so they (MORE)

What is the medium of Cubism?

During the first period 1908-11 they used oil paint. The second phase of cubism included collage and drawing in pencil, coal or ink.
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When and why did cubism start?

Cubism is 20th century form of art used by great artists such as  Picasso and Barque. It was a hard time for artist, because the  camera was the new big thing, which could c (MORE)

What does cubism show?

  Cubism is an analysis of all the angles that "Item A" can be viewed. Cubism puts every angle of "A" together into one painting of "A".   Imagine perhaps a toy boat. A (MORE)