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Why do you celebrate the day of the dead?

we celebrate the day of the dead to remember the people who already departed and make favorite food and things to remember them
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What day is day of the dead on?

The Day Of Dead is special occasion on November 1-2. Mexico celebrates the death of their ancestors and decorate there graves with flowers and other ornaments. This day uses m (MORE)

What is the day of the day of the dead?

the day of the dead is a time (November 2 and November 3) where family members go buy flowers from the market foods and all that good stuff and decorate an alter. this alter i (MORE)

What is Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead, is the day before November 1st[ day of the  Saints], it's known as Halloween to us. Day of the Dead is when  people bake goods for the members of their fami (MORE)

What day was Jesus risen from the dead?

Early Sunday morning. Jesus died Friday evening prior to Sundown. (In those days Sundown marked the end of a day/beginning of a new day.) In accordance with the 10 commandment (MORE)
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