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How is desalination done?

Desalinisation saline is salt. de is to undo or remove. You might "desalinise" sea water - ie. remove the salt content from sea water it separates it in to two streams :) ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of desalination?

u can still get high quality drinking water even if there is norain, so the rural community can have good water. Hey to all of my freinds's, xoxoxox. JASMINNNE hhehe
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When did desalination begin?

Desalination, the removal of salts from sea water using primitive methods of distillation, has taken place over thousands of years. There are biblical references as well as hi ( Full Answer )
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Why is desalination good?

Desalinization is good because you can't drink salt water. If you want fresh water and you live in a place with very little, but have a lot of energy, you can use desalinizati ( Full Answer )
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What is desalination?

Desalinization is the process of taking seawater and taking out all the salt in it so it's fit for human consumption.
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What is a desalinization?

This is the process of removing salt (as in saline) from something, usually water. Many methods for water purification and seawater desalinization have been used for a num ( Full Answer )
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How can you desalinize?

Many methods for seawater desalinization have been used for a number of years starting in ancient times with good old fashion distillation (boil the water and catch the conden ( Full Answer )
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What is salt desalination?

Desalination is the extraction of sodium chloride to obtaindrinking water, extraction of salt from petroleum, from waterwastes etc.
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Who invented desalination?

There are a great number of techniques for desalinization of water, and many of them are quite primitive. They have been around for a long while. So there is no single answer ( Full Answer )
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What is a product of desalination?

Desalination usually produces fresh water and more concentratedbrine, so the only real product is fresh water.