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Is an electronic engineer the same as an electrical engineer?

It depends on country, school/education, etc. In some contexts, the  two terms are synonyms. In others they have different meanings. In  general:     Electrical Eng (MORE)

Effects of engineering maths on electrical engineering?

Every branch of Engineering (Chemical, Process, Stationary, Mechanical, Electrical etc.) is based in the application of math to the physical world to describe the transfer of (MORE)

Does electrical engineering relate to automobile engineering?

Absolutely, as vehicles become more and more sophisticated, so does the need for Electrical & Electronics Engineers. I've never heard of an 'automobile engineer' per se (go lo (MORE)

What is electronic and electrical engineering?

The subject of Electrical Engineering deals with the utilisation of electrical power to provide us with a richer way of life. Electrical Engineering includes many different to (MORE)

Which is best Computer engineering or Electrical engineering?

There really is not a "best" in this case. If you are interested in building and maintancing computers, creating programs, maintaining and creating internet networks then comp (MORE)

What does an electrical engineer do?

electrıcal engıneers work wıth electrıcıty (from genratıon to utılızatıon). electrıcal engıneers desıgn,test and maıntaın electrıcal equıpments from the smalle (MORE)

What is VA burden in electrical engineering?

The term 'burden' is used to describe the secondary load applied to an instrument transformer; the reason for this is so that it is not confused with the 'load' supplied by th (MORE)
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What is electrical engineering?

Electrical Engeneering is a field of engeneering that generallydeals with the study and application of electricity, electronics,and electromagnetism.
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What do you have to have to be a electrical engineer?

    Electrical engineers typically possess an academic degree with a major in electrical engineering.Bachelor's degree in engineering represents the first step towards (MORE)