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Did Eli Whitney get married?

Yes he was married to Henrietta Edwards on January 6th, 1817. He had four children:   Frances Edwards who was born in November 1817   Elizabeth Fay who was born in 1819 (MORE)

What did Eli Whitney invent?

Eli Whitney made the cotton gin and came up with the idea ofinterchangeable parts. He was most famous for inventing the cotton gin, a machine thatseparated cotton seeds from t (MORE)

How was Eli Whitney inspired for what he did?

Eli Whitney was inspired at Mrs. Greene's cotton plantation in Georgia. There he witnessed the hardship that slaves, experienced while harvesting cotton. This was so, because (MORE)

Eli whitneys famous quotes?

Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin. The American  inventor has several famous quotes that include, "I have not only  Arms but a large proportion of Armourers to (MORE)

How is Eli Whitney this relevant to slavery?

Eli Whitney, (who lived in Conn.), invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin removed seeds from cotton. This made cotton worth more money. More slaves were needed to plant, grow (MORE)