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How did Elton John get his name?

He took John from a singer he knew named Long John Baldry and Elton from a saxophone player he knew named Elton Dean.
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What band is Elton John from?

His first band was Bluesology, but then he went solo, eventually created the Elton John Band, but then ended with just crediting his songs with Elton John.
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Why did Elton John become Sir Elton John?

Elton John became Sir Elton John because Her Majesty The Queen of Great Britain knighted him, recognizing his musical genius and his great generosity towards humanity. He is a (MORE)

Why did Elton John dress weird?

A lot of people had a lot of different beliefs about this, but Elton John said he dressed like he did because he felt like it was a way to escape his youth. He was going throu (MORE)

How were Elton Johns parents?

His actual parents are Stanley and Sheila Dwight His father and mother divorced and he remained with his mother, he wasn't close with his father. His mother remarried and re (MORE)

Did Elton John live in lyneham?

Apparently so. When he played a concert at the Swindon County  Ground in 2005, he mentioned that he had lived in Lyneham for a  short time when he was young as his father wa (MORE)