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How do you determine ethnicity?

Briefly, in answer to your question, at census time in Canada, a multicultural society where many languages are heard on the streets, one question on the official census form ( Full Answer )
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What ethnicity are ethnic Albanians?

facedesk* What ethnicity do you think that ethnic Albanians are, Sherlock? Well, ETHNIC ALBANIAN of course! Albanian is an ethnicity, that ethnic Albanians are part of ( Full Answer )
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What is prince's ethnicity?

Both of his parents are black (African-American). Prince is African-American. Here's a recent photo of his mother: ( Full Answer )
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What ethnicity is Beyonce?

Her father, Mathew Knowles, is of mostly African-American descent with some caucasian, and her mother Celestine(Tina) Knowles(maiden name Beyince) is of African-American desce ( Full Answer )
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What is ethnicity?

A term that is used to refer to a wide variety of groups who mightshare a language, historical origins, religion, nation state, orcultural system.
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What is an ethnicity?

An ethnicity is an individual's nationality or cultural and traditional background. An ethnic group is a group that identifies on ancestral or racial grounds, based around c ( Full Answer )
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What are the ethnicity of Chicago?

Chicago is an extremely diverse city. There are Chicagoans of Black, Mexican, Chinese, Irish, German, Italian, Swedish, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian ( Full Answer )
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What ethnicity is mueller?

I believe its German because my last name is Mueller and its supposed to have the 2 dots over the first "u" Hope this helped
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What is the ethnicity of Reedy?

This surname Reedy could be English, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, or Indian. See related questions for more information below.