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Did franz liszt smoke?

Yes he did. He smoked Havana cigars. Also, according to my friend, he saw a picture of Liszt with a pipe. I checked online and I do think that he smoked pipes also when he was (MORE)

What instruments did franz liszt play?

some instruments he played is the violin,organs, and the piano. the instrument he used the most is the piano . people say hes the best at the piano
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How did Franz Liszt become famous?

He rose to his fame due to his virtuosity as a pianist. Inspired by the virtuosity of Niccolo Paganini and Frederic Chopin, he set out to create his own musical style and outd (MORE)

What was Franz Liszt wife's name?

hey never did marry only because his relationships always seemed to have some sort of dramatic ending but did have kids with Countess Marie d'Agoult, she wrote novels under th (MORE)

Was Franz Liszt a nationalist composer?

Liszt would wear a national dress and gave charity concerts but Liszt is not listed as a nationalist composer.
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Why is Franz Liszt a virtuoso performer?

Liszt would be considered a virtuoso performer due to his advanced performance technique at the time - he also had quite a bit of flair. Many of his concerts featured piano r (MORE)

Franz liszt wife?

Franz Liszt's wife's name was Marie d' Agoult. The couple got  married in 1835. When the relationship ended a few years later, he  began a long relationship with Princess Ca (MORE)