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Where is Glasgow?

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It is in the Lieutenancy of Glasgow, and the police and fire districts of Strathclyde. Population: 578,790. It used to be in Renfrews (MORE)
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Things to do in Glasgow?

You can go to the Botanic Gardens, the Science Centre, RiversideMuseum, or take a double decker bus and see the city architecture.
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What were the Glasgow tenements?

The tenements in Scotland weren't just in Glasgow but in most of the cities. They were (are) terraced blocks with usually six or seven flats in each block. They would either h (MORE)
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What is the monument in Glasgow?

There are many monuments in Glasgow. Amongst them is the ScottMonument, the Arthur Wellesley monument, the Donald Dewar Monumentand many others.

When was Glasgow bombed?

On 13th and 14th of March 1941, German bombers attacked the Clydeside area. The bombing was concentrated on Clydebank though some bombs fell wide of the target. There were 260 (MORE)
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What is a town in Glasgow?

There are loads of towns in and around Glasgow. Some include Paisley (very near Glasgow Airport), East Kilbride (has Scotland's largest shopping centre), Ayr and Troon which h (MORE)
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How do you get from prestwick to Glasgow?

If you mean Prestwick Airport, there is a rail link from the airport to Central Station. If you mean the town Prestwick, Prestwick Railway Station is on the same line as the a (MORE)
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What is the noun for Glasgow?

The noun Glasgow is a noun, a proper noun, the name of a place. Some common nouns for the proper noun Glasgow are city, locale, or urban area.