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What is a graphics software?

A graphics software is a software that does specialist jobs such as  a CAD/CAM machine, which is used in schools for textiles. A CAD/CAM  machine is a 'Computer Aided Design (MORE)

What is a graphics card and what does it do?

A graphics card is the component in your computer that handles  generating the signals that are sent to the monitor or "graphics".  It is responsible for generating all the (MORE)

What are vector graphics?

  Vector means that the images are created from algorithms (math) by the software you are using to create them. It's the complete opposite of raster in which the images ar (MORE)

What are socio-graphics?

It means it breaks up people by social status. Sociographics take the target market down to the level of the individual, where they determine the specific values, attitudes, (MORE)

What is graphic arts?

Graphic arts represents an industry that communicates through  design. Usually, there is a client that a graphic designer is  working for. Graphic arts can be on a computer, (MORE)

What is a graphic library?

Graphic library is a library that store various of graphic ( it can  be vector or jpg, mostly it's some illutration, drawing, graphic  element, also can be icon or pictogram (MORE)

What is clipping in graphics?

There are several things that can be associated with clipping: clipping mask which refers that something is clipped inside defined area which can be in Photoshop vector object (MORE)

What is packaging graphics?

Packaging graphics means to create a graphics for products packs or its rappers. The right packaging is an important key to successful product marketing. It should work with (MORE)

What does the graphics card do?

the graphics card is an attachment inside your computer,phone or  games console which displays what goes on in your screen e.g a  plane flying, what your reading now or pict (MORE)