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Where is Gujarat?

Gujarat;one of the leading states of the country is located in thewestern part of the country; flanked by Maharshtra in the South,Rajasthan in the north and Madhya Pradesh to ( Full Answer )
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What is the state tree of Gujarat?

The state tree of Gujarat is the banyan tree with the scientificname of Ficus benghalensis .
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Who is the governor of gujarat?

Mr Narendra bhai Modi- It's wrong he is a C.M. not governor.. current governor till 0ct 2010 is Dr. Kamla Beniwal Dr. Kamla Beniwal is shifted to Mizoram. Margaret Alva i ( Full Answer )
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Cities in gujarat?

They are bhandu sandar and morvad. if anyone finds a map of these cities in india, please email me ate this email address.
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What is the capital of Gujarat?

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat. Not to be confused with the Pakistani city of Gujrat.
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Where did Gujarat get its name?

well gujarat came from gujara i don know wat it is but i read it day before yesterday :)
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Where to get the yellow fever vaccine in Gujarat?

You may go to the OPV Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad and ask for the best way to receive this vaccine, given your particular situation and circumstances.
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Which is big river of gujarat?

Sabarmati is the big river of gujarat.Actually narmada is start from arvalli parvat which is in mp.
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Who or what is a Gujarat Samachar?

Gujarat Samachar is the most popular and highest selling newspaper in Gujarat, India. It is written in Gujarati language, therefore it is mainly read by Indian people only. Ad ( Full Answer )