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What are the levels that a gymnast is in gymnastics?

There are 10 levels in gymnastics - 10 being the highest. After the tenth level gymnasts may go elite. In some gyms there may even be advanced training or pre-team, for younge (MORE)

Who made gymnastics?

The history of gymnastics began in ancient Greece. Its actual  inventor is a mystery, but it was very prevalent among Greeks. But  it was the work of Friedrich Jahn in the e (MORE)

What is a gymnast?

  a gymnast is someone that is very athletic.       gymnast is a person that takes gymnastics.         -----ALAINA-----   A person willing to (MORE)

What does gymnastics involve?

Gymnastics involves flips like cartwheels,splits and balance the point of it is to be flexible and keep balance. If u wanna do a sport for a girl always start with gymnastics (MORE)
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Where you can play the gymnastics?

you can play it at diamond elite (that is where i go) in chino, you can play it at kips in corona you can play it all over    and for advice you do not play gymnastics y (MORE)
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What can gymnastics do for you?

Answer 1   I am a gymnast for about two years, and one thing that gymnastics'  can do for you is make you stronger, for one thing, and make you  get more muscles and is (MORE)
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What can you were in gymnastics?

The persort but pro leotards range in price the cheapest one I have  is about 35. If you do not want to buy a gymnastics leotard you can  always wear a tank top and shorts. (MORE)