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When is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31. It originated in America, although other countries, such as Australia, follow the tradition. Halloween is a tradition to U (MORE)

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated in many parts of theworld on October 31st. It is often seen as the festival of thedead. The day is often associated with symbols li (MORE)

Why do they do Halloween?

It's a holiday celebration and one of the oldest, it's called different things depending on what country your from, such as Autumn Rite, All Souls' Day, All Saints Day, All Ho (MORE)

Why do we have Halloween?

Halloween is a festival that was celebrated by the Celts called Samhain, it was then turned to All Hallows Eve, and finally shortened through the years to Halloween. . Hallow (MORE)

What do we do for Halloween?

Most dress up in a costume and go Trick or Treating around their neighborhood. Some of us arrange parties on Halloween, some make fun especially children with trick and trea (MORE)

What is Halloween about?

Halloween is a celebration on October 31st related to spiders,witches, pumpkin jack o' lanterns, and spooky, scary or evilthings. Most kids will do some trick-or-treating on H (MORE)

Why do have Halloween?

Back in the days people used to harvest food, on the 31. And one day they heard weird noisiest they thought it was ghosts. Sooth were really scared. But, in real life there wa (MORE)

What do you do on Halloween and why?

Halloween is ment to be day of the dead were you celebtrate dead people aka one of your dead relitives , But know you get to dress up in lots of diffrent costumes aka witch an (MORE)