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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. Ask any questions associated with Halloween such as jack-o'-lanterns, trick-or-treating, ghosts, bonfires, costumes, haunted houses, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies, to name a few.

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What is your Halloween costume this year?

I'm dressing up as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, my favorite video game!...
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What rhymes with trick and treat?

trick or treat smell my feet give me something nice to eat!
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What are some creepy words?

Some creepy words are: sliverd, slimy, grizzly, spooked, haunted and shivery. ...
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At what age should you stop trick-or-treating?

some kids stop tricker treating at 12-16 butmost people stop at the age 18-19....
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Why is Kuromi's birthday on Halloween?

Because it just is. It's really that simple
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What time does trick or treat start?

That depend on your area. Usually it is listed in the news papers or on the news. ...
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When is happy Halloween day?

31st of October each year
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What are the disadvantages of Halloween?

Bad teeth, cold fall night which could get you sick, walking towards unidentified strangers' houses, and kids walking to your doorstep asking for candy even if you run out. ...
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What is the doctor's name in Halloween?

His name is Dr. Samuel James Loomis.
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What date does Halloween fall?

It falls on 31st of October.
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What are some accepted practices of Halloween?

-- Eating candy and decorated cakes -- Dressing up in funny, frightening or outlandish costumes -- "Trick-or-treating," that is, going from house to house in one's neighborhood and receiving candy, small toys or other goodies (for kids under 16) -- Carving jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins -- Playing mild tricks on people who don't give you candy; an example would be spraying silly string on their porch -- Attending costume parties -- Watching horror movies on TV or in the theater -- Decorating your house with the Halloween...
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Is west holme house haunted?

Hiyaa, My school is St Georges Academy Sleaford. The sixth form block stands just near the front playground at the end of the drive and yes it is haunted. I have been in many times and i have seen strange shadows and heard footsteps on the stairs when there is knowone around. If you google it the Bbc have done a program about it and it explains. Hopee Thiss Helps x >8) ...
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When did Halloween start?

Halloween started in Ireland about 2,000 years ago with a group of people called the Celtics. They believed in a god called Samhain who was the god of dead and darkness. October 31st was considered the end of the year and as a result they threw a large celebration, which was known as Samhain. This celebration of the autumn harvest and the Celtic new year, when they believed spirits could come back and visit with living relatives. ...
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Do they celebrate Halloween in Lithuania?

Not exactly. Lithuanians have an All Saint's Day called "Vėlinės" on November 1st, which is a day when lithuanians mourn people that have passed away. Something closer to Halloween would be "Užgavėnės". It is a Lithuanian festival that takes place during the seventh week before Easter. Children would go to other peoples houses, usually asking for pancakes or money. ...
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What day is trick or treating in Texas?

Trick or treating in Texas is generally celebrated on October 31st.
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Where do Jack-o'-Lanterns originate?

It originated in Ireland.
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What date is trick or treating in rockford il?

It's on October 31, Halloween.
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What should you know about child safety on Halloween?

A few important things to know about child safety on Halloween are: Don't let them eat any candy or food that isn't already wrapped by a company, appears unwrapped, or was not wrapped at all eg. candy apples, soft pretzels, etc. If your child is allergic to anything, carefully read the labels on each piece of candy that you are unfamiliar with. Don't let your children go trick-or-treating after your town's curfew. Always carry a flashlight. You don't want your kids running off in the...
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When will kids trick or treat this year?

Well, some might do the five days but most will do just the 31st(hopefully!) ...
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Is Halloween only celebrated in America?

No, it is also celebrated in Ireland and United Kingdom
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What does the color black represent at Halloween?

The color black could represent the night or darkness, where it is harder to see and there isn't any light around to show who you are (everyone is in costume and walking around in the dark). If you want to take a horror-movie perspective, it could also represent evil, or fantasy creatures that typically roam the night like vampires, werewolves, or witches. ...
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Why isn't Halloween a holiday?

As it is generally celebrated in the later half of the day
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How many words in Happy Halloween?

1. Happy 2. Halloween Seems pretty obvious, but there you go...
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How do you make your son look like a girl for Halloween?

If you buy a black wig for him paint his face white with face paint then maybe give him high heal or pumps to wear on his feet you could buy a long white or red robe or a long dress maybe his mums old dress and just cut the bottom of to suite the length he needs. You should also, spray perfume on him and tons of make up.And you can add jewelry to spice things up.! ...