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Was Obama homeschooled?

No, he was not. He attended a Catholic school and then a public school in Indonesia, and then completed his middle and high school education at a private school (the Punahou S (MORE)

How does homeschool work?

You apply to the education system in your county for homeschooling.  You can get the number from either a public school or the phone  book under the Education secretary of y (MORE)

How do homeschoolers do in college?

I am doing online schooling but it is the same as homeschooling. Homeschoolers do much better in college because you don't have any distractions so you are more focused on sch (MORE)

What is homeschooling?

It is where a child will stay at home and be schooled instead of going to a "real" school. A lot of people believe that a child can not get the same amount of education or soc (MORE)

How do you get a girlfriend if I am homeschooled and not in a homeschool group?

well you can ask your parents to join a homeschool group, a local kid's drama club or a mixed gender sports team (swimming tends to be the big one) if you don't have the kind (MORE)

Homeschool in Texas?

Definitely - in fact Texas is one of the most friendly states for homeschoolers with NO laws on the books related to homeschooling.
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Is homeschool boring?

It would depend on the type of homeschooling environment. Some may think homeschooling is boring because it is conducted at home and they believe no interaction with the out (MORE)

Can you homeschool in Texas?

Yes, I believe so. I know a family who homeschooled around the Austin area in Texas, and they had a homeschool group and everything. I'm pretty sure that means it isn't illega (MORE)

Why are children homeschooled?

Children are home-schooled for various reasons. Some are home-schooled because: Their parents have stricter religious beliefs that public schooling wouldn't offer to teach t (MORE)

What is hard about homeschooling?

Ask any homeschool parent what is the hardest thing about homeschooling, and you'll likely get a dozen different answers! For some parents, forgoing the second parent's salary (MORE)