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How many Industrial Revolutions have there been?

There have been 2 Industrial Revolutions:    From circa 1750-1850 the first industrial revolution occurred in  Britain when changes in agriculture, transportation, min (MORE)

What is the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was an era in which production shifted from cottage industries using simple hand tools to factories using complex machines powered by water and then (MORE)

What were the diseases during the Industrial Revolution?

Disease accounted for many deaths in industrial cities during the Industrial Revolution. With a chronic lack of hygiene, little knowledge of sanitary care and no knowledge as (MORE)

How did agricultural revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution?

It lead to the industrial revolution becasue when enclosure (when small strips of land were made into large pieces of land) took place and when there was new technology in the (MORE)

Was the Industrial Revolution a revolution or a merely change?

It was a massive change in the way business and life was done. It wasn't people shooting at each other. Another answer: How do you define Revolution? When the United States t (MORE)

How was the cottage industry affected by the industrial revolution-?

The industrial revolution introduced a wide range of products that  could be mass produced cheaply and distributed. The rise of the  industrial revolution meant the end of t (MORE)