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Did Jacques Cartier have kids?

Jacques Cartier did not have kids according to other posts that i found. When i typed this question and there was no answer...underneath it there were a few related questions (MORE)

What journey did Jacques cartier go on?

He was sent by King Francis I to the New World (Canada). The purposes were: 1. To find a passageway from France to Asia. 2. To find gold and other precious metals of value. 3. (MORE)

What achievements did Jacques Cartier have?

The claiming of Canada for France was one achievement of Jacques Cartier [December 31, 1491-September 1, 1557]. The describing and mapping of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and of (MORE)

Who paid Jacques cartier to explore?

In many cases, the king would pay explorers to conduct expeditions into, as well as to claim new territory. This was the case with Jacques Cartier. King Francis I of France co (MORE)

Which country sponsored Jacques Cartier?

King Francis of France funded Jacques Cartier's first expedition.  He set sail in 1534, looking for a western passage to Asia. He  located the St. Lawrence and opened up Nor (MORE)

What did Jacques cartier do to become famous?

Jacques Cartier is best known for exploring the St. Lawrence River  and discovering Prince Edward Island in 1534. He also established a  base near Quebec. He was a French ex (MORE)