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What is ketchup?

Ketchup (also spelled Catsup or Catchup), also known as tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, or red sauce is a condiment, usually made from tomatoes.
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Is ketchup a mixture?

Yes it is. It contains various ingredients mixed together; they will be listed on the label. They include water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, etc.
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Does ketchup have to be refrigerated?

No, however it will spoil quicker than if it is refrigerated. This is why restaurants can keep ketchup out on the table. At night the bottles are put into a fridge.
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Where was ketchup invented?

The sauce or condiment, k etchup is first recorded under that name in England in 1711, although the British people who quickly took this new sauce to their hearts and tabl (MORE)
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What is ketchup made out of?

Many people say there is lots of ingredients in ketchup. There is actually only squashed tomatoes, little sugar and salt. This is basic ketchup. Heinz and other companies don' (MORE)
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Does ketchup have gluten?

Generally not, but it depends on the brand that you purchase. Avoid brands that include modified food starch, which can be glutenous, and malted vinegars.
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Is ketchup a solution?

No, ketchup is not a solution because in a solution you can't see the particles but in ketchup if you look with a microscope you can see the particles. Making ketchup a colloi (MORE)
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Is there molasses in ketchup?

The typical ingredients in your common every day ketchup (also called catsup) are tomatoes, salt, sugar, vinegar, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon maybe onion powder. Other vege (MORE)
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Why does ketchup get bubbles?

Are you keeping it in the fridge? If you aren't, I'm guessing it's fermenting a bit. Keep it cold!
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What is Himalayan ketchup?

Himalayan ketchup is a fictional condiment on the Cartoon Network series "Regular Show." It appears on the episode "The Best Burger in the World."