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Why is Latin America called Latin America?

Latin America is called "Latin America" because the countries that comprise Latin America speak Spanish and Portuguese, which are descended from Latin. The main official lang (MORE)

Where is Latin America?

The term "Latin America" is commonly used to refer to the portion of North America south of the United States, all of South America, and some of the Carribean. More precisely, (MORE)

Why is Latin America called Latin?

Latin America is comprised of the countries, whose populations  speak Romance languages: Spanish, Portugese and, to a lesser  degree, French -- all derived from Latin.
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Is Latin America in South America?

Latin America is the region of the Americas (the American Continent) where romance language (Spanish, Portuguese and French) are spoken. It includes countries in North, Centra (MORE)

What does America think on Latin America?

There was a time when the United States thought it was superior to Latin America; some presidents believed that it was acceptable to become involved in the politics of certain (MORE)

Why did America want Latin America?

After America had gained independence, it was ready to expand it's  territory. They were interested in many place like Mexico,  Nicaragua, Panama, and especially Cuba. For m (MORE)

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