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How do you do laundry?

A good rule of thumb if you know nothing about laundry is to wash everything in cold water with color-safe detergent (No bleach!) and hang dry all the clothes -- you can't shr (MORE)

What is a laundry chute?

Laundry Chute (By Machiavelli) . A laundry chute is a metal shaft down a multi-storey building which usually has an opening on each floor and ends in the basement. It is si (MORE)

What does bleach do for laundry?

Bleach whitens or removes colors by breaking down the bonds of the molecules that absorb visible light. To some extent it also disinfects and sterilizes. It is highly toxic an (MORE)

What is laundry?

it is the process where the dirty clothes washed and cleaned Spelled 'laundry', it refers to clothing that needs to be washed.
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Is laundries a plural of laundry?

Yes, but only for the plural of laundry as a business or service (e.g. coin laundries). Laundry (clothes to be washed) is an uncountable noun.
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What is on-premise laundry?

On-premise laundry means that there is a laundry facility on the property. The term is often found in apartment listings, where it means that there is a washer and dryer avail (MORE)
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Where can you get laundry supplies?

"You can get laundry supplies pretty much anywhere. Dollar tree, dollar general, walmart, target, kmart, food lion, kroger, family dollar, I suggest Walmart, they have the bes (MORE)
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Is laundry a noun?

Yes, the word 'laundry' is a noun, a common, concrete noun; an uncountable noun for clothes and linens that need to be washed or that have been washed; a countable noun for a (MORE)

What is express laundry and normal laundry?

In the express laundry, laundry service provider deliver service ininstant manner or as per your desired date and time but in the caseof normal laundry, laundry service provid (MORE)