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How to wash laundry in cold water?

I heard a radio program on NPR one day about laundry, and the person said that detergent made specifically for cold water washes are really much better for cold washing, and t (MORE)
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What is on-premise laundry?

On-premise laundry means that there is a laundry facility on the property. The term is often found in apartment listings, where it means that there is a washer and dryer avail (MORE)
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What does a laundry pedestal do?

It's a 10" high stand that your washer/dryer are set on with the purpose of raising the working height of the appliance so the user doesn't have to bend as much to load or unl (MORE)

What is laundry department?

A laundry department is where the washing gets done in hotels such as the bed linen and if guests would like to have their clothes washed, ironed or just pressed
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How do you do laundry?

A good rule of thumb if you know nothing about laundry is to wash everything in cold water with color-safe detergent (No bleach!) and hang dry all the clothes -- you can't shr (MORE)

What do you mean by laundry?

  laundry means washing (dirty/used cloths)   say if you say "im going to do the laundry" your going to do the washing/ your going to wash the clothes.
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How do you starch laundry?

There are different ways to starch clothing. You can wash the clothes in warm water with the starch mixed in and then press the clothing while it is wet. This sets the starch (MORE)

What is laundry?

it is the process where the dirty clothes washed and cleaned Spelled 'laundry', it refers to clothing that needs to be washed.

What does ensuite laundry as opposed to insuite laundry mean?

First, there is not insuite but there are en suite amenities when talking about homes. En suite is French and means connected so when describing laundry on site or on suite yo (MORE)

What is the difference between HE laundry detergents and regular laundry detergent?

HE laundry detergents are High Efficiency detergents. They are  designed to make fewer suds than regular detergents and to work in  clothes washers that use less water.  (MORE)