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What can you do with Lego?

Anything you want! You can buy these great kits to build stuff like star wars and Lego city. I've seen these giant Lego animals and stuff in stores before. If you have a milli (MORE)
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What is Lego?

LEGO building bricks are hard plastic construction blocks, with studs on them so they stay tightly together. They come in many shapes and forms and are great to play with.  (MORE)

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Who invented LEGO?

Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the blocks now called LEGOs in 1932. Gotfried Christiansen, his son, took over LEGOs in the plastic period.   The company began being called (MORE)
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Where do you get Lego?

You can buy legos at walmart,some stop&shop,most toy stores,and , is the official Lego website. Finally you can buy used legos on or amazon. (MORE)

How do you get on LEGO universe?

First go to the Lego Universe Site, sign up for Closed Beta, if they send you an email inviting you to play, they will also send you a code and on the Lego Universe site click (MORE)
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Will Lego make Halo Lego?

Answer 1: Of course Lego will make Halo, you can make anything with Lego. Answer 2: The Lego Group have no ideas at this time to produce Halo Lego but it is something we coul (MORE)
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Why is lego called lego?

Lego, originally invented in 1934 was given it's name by Ole Kirk Christiansen, the Dutch inventor of the product. LEGO, the official and trademarked name of the construction (MORE)

What is a Lego?

Various sized building blocks that are for all ages 3+ and come inpacks that you can build with The origin of the name comes from the creator only seeing part of atruck and th (MORE)

How do you burn LEGO?

You should not burn Lego it puts out toxic gas. You are better off  selling it. Some pieces are worth $50-$200 a piece. If you must,  spray them with WD-40 and light. The ga (MORE)
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What are the types of LEGO?

If you mean what themes, there are currently 29. These are: Atlantis, Hero Factory, Prince of Persia, World Racers, Toy Story, Lego Games, Star Wars, City, Minifigures, Duplo, (MORE)