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What is Lego?

LEGO building bricks are hard plastic construction blocks, with studs on them so they stay tightly together. They come in many shapes and forms and are great to play with. \n. (MORE)

What is a Lego?

Various sized building blocks that are for all ages 3+ and come inpacks that you can build with The origin of the name comes from the creator only seeing part of atruck and th (MORE)
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Who is lego?

If you are referring to the man that invented LEGOs he is Ole Kirk Christensen.
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Where can you get Lego?

Lego website woolworths tescos and most other supermarkets or eBay The cheapest, best place to get Lego from has to be, however you should be able to get Lego from (MORE)

Do you have Lego?

Yes, thousands of people from all around the world have Lego, even if it's just tucked away behind an old piece of furniture.

What is in Lego?

FUN! legos can be used to build anything you see in the bricks, from board games to space ships to entire cities!it also has different products such as city, starwars, indiana (MORE)

What can you do with Lego?

Anything you want! You can buy these great kits to build stuff like star wars and Lego city. I've seen these giant Lego animals and stuff in stores before. If you have a milli (MORE)
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Where do you get Lego?

You can buy legos at walmart,some stop&shop,most toy stores,and , is the official Lego website. Finally you can buy used legos on or amazon. (MORE)
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What are legoes?

Lego is a system of small building blocks that lock together. They come in different shapes and sizes, and also special bits to build vehicles and figures.
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What are the Lego?

Lego is a building block with different franchises, such as harrypotter and other nerdoms, There are characters and blocks, andweapons, the blocks look like your picture, this (MORE)