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What is lent about?

Roman Catholic AnswerLent is a forty days preparation for Easter. It is primarily about penance; most Christians give up something voluntarily beyond the Church's required fas (MORE)

How do you participate in Lent?

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter sunday. To participate in Lent in the Catholic religion, you have to fast, or give up, meat on Ash Wednesday and every Friday (MORE)

Lent is a period of what?

The Catholic Church and many other Christians Churches follow the Biblical practice of Jesus Christ and the Jews in setting aside days where the entire Church fasts and prays (MORE)

When is the end of Lent?

Catholic Answer  Lent ends immediately before the Mass of the Lord's Supper on  Thursday evening before Easter.
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How do you spell lent?

That is the correct spelling of the past tense form "lent" (loaned) and also of the capitalized calendar period in Catholicism, "Lent".
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What exactly is lent?

Lent is the 40 days of fasting done by Jesus in the wilderness, after he was baptized by John.
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When is Lent in Spain?

Lent is observed on the same dates everywhere in the world, even Spain.   Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, lasts 40 days not counting Sundays and ends on Holy Saturday, the da (MORE)

Who invented the lent?

Jesus, when he went into the desert for forty days and nights to fast and pray.
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Why do Christians do lent?

They do so a s a remembrance of Jesus' death and sufferings for them. Actually They do it as a remembrance of the 40 days he was in the desert before he died. Also Christians (MORE)