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When did Tae Kwon Do come to Lesotho?

Tae Kwon Do was brought to Lesotho in the early 70s, by Mogg Yoon  and Yeon Hwan Park. The pair, both highly decorated TKD  competitors, were sent by the Korean government a (MORE)

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Setlolela peete from bela-bela lesotho?

my name is lehlohonolo leonard setlolela peete born 1982/12/26 from  bela bela lesotho thaba kueneng
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What are lesotho and swaziland?

Lesotho and Swaziland are both small, landlocked countries entirely surrounded by South Africa. They are both monarchies and are very traditional and indigeous.
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Lesotho passport is visa free to which countries?

With a Lesotho passport, you can visit the following countries  without a visa - Barbados, Dominica, Fiji, Bahamas, Ireland, Kenya,  Namibia, Bangladesh, Malawi, and South K (MORE)