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Did Lucille Ball know judo?

  My understanding is that she studied judo as early as the 1930's for a movie called The Affairs of Annabel. She later studied in Japan and earned a Black Belt. Played it (MORE)

What was Lucille balls real name?

Lucille Ball's real name was Lucille Ball. --Lucille Ball's birth name was Lucille Désirée Ball. Then she took on the last name Arnaz (but used "Ball" in television and mo (MORE)

How was Lucille Ball discovered?

While working as a model in New York City, Lucille Ball posed for a painting in an elegant dress. The painter later added in two greyhounds for a touch of class. He then sold (MORE)

What did Lucille Ball look like?

Lucille Ball was a beautiful woman. She was born with chestnut brown hair and had crystal blue eyes. In her teens she dyed her hair blond and in order to stand out against oth (MORE)

Why was lucille ball a communist?

She wasn't. In the 1930's she and a few other family members registered for the communist party in order to please her ailing grandfather and never gave a thought to it again. (MORE)

Does Lucille Ball have a brother?

Lucille Ball's brother, christened Frederick Henry Ball, was born when she was four, in 1915. He was fondly called Fritzie-boy and Freddie. He became Desi Arnaz's band manager (MORE)

Who raised lucille ball?

She was raised for a few years by her Swedish stepfather's parents, who were very strict and did not allow play. But, they taught her to be a Puritan, which changed her lifest (MORE)

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