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Why was Lyndon B. Johnson nicknamed Landslide Lyndon?

Johnson was hung with that nickname in 1948, after being elected as the Democratic candidate for the senate by the narrowest margin in the history of Texas... as far away from (MORE)

What are some nicknames of Lyndon B. Johnson?

LBJ and "Landslide Lyndon" (he received this derogatory nickname because he won the Texas Senate Democratic Primary Race by a mere 48 votes over Coke Stevenson)
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Was Lyndon B. Johnson a liberal?

Lyndon Johnson was perhaps the most liberal president the US has ever had. He was known as the heir apparent of FDR, but easily surpassed FDR's New Deal with his Great Society (MORE)

What were the achievements of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Did more for Civil Rights than any other President, passing laws to give Black Americans equality in education, voting, housing, public places. His "Great Society" programs fo (MORE)

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Was Lyndon B. Johnson impeached?

No, only two presidents in US history have been impeached by the House of Representatives. The two were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Neither were removed from office.
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Was Lyndon B. Johnson a good speaker?

Lyndon Johnson was not known for his speech giving skills. He had a thick Texas accent which proved to be hard to interpret through radio and televisions throughout the nation (MORE)

What is the nickname of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Nicknames:   * "Landslide Lyndon," Sarcastic reference to the hotly-disputed 87-vote win that took him to the Senate in 1949  * "Light-Bulb Lyndon," Nicknamed so because (MORE)