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Is Memorial Day May 31?

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day when it became a holiday in 1868, was observed on May 30 of every year for 103 years until 1971, no matter which day of the week (MORE)

May 8 1945 was the day when?

that was V day, when the Allies hit the beaches of Normandy, rescuing Frenchman and dying by the thousands at Normandy. Our soldiers are still there in marked graves. No, May (MORE)

Why is Memorial Day on May 30?

May 30th was chosen for Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day) because during the US Civil War there were no known battles to have taken place on that particular day (MORE)

How is May Day celebrated in Germany?

  In Germany, Labor Day is celebrated on May 2. There are often maypoles, festivals, German food, and beer. Violence has become a game of Labor Day celebrations in Germany (MORE)

What is the Soviet May Day Parade?

May Day in the former Soviet Union was "International Workers' Day." Parades on this date were to show the people that communism was making them strong by displaying their mi (MORE)

What is the irony of May Day Eve?

One of the ironies of "May Day Eve" by Nick Joaquin is that both  Agueda and Badoy remember seeing each other in the mirror and  regret it, but neither has told the other. W (MORE)

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