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Who is Metallica?

James Hetfield- Lead Vocals/Rythmn Guitar Kirk Hammet- Lead guitar/Back up vocals Robert Trujillo- Bass/Back up vocals Lars Ulrich- Drums Metallica are one of the gr (MORE)

What is metallica?

Metallica is an awesome speed metal and thrash metal band from California. They were established in 1981 when their drummer, Lars Ulrich, gave an advert and these members got (MORE)

Who is in the band metallica?

The current members are James Hetfield(Vocals/guitar) Kirk Hammet(Lead guitar/backup vocals) Robert Trujillo(Bass/back up vocals) Lars ulrich (Drums) Former members include:Cl (MORE)

What impact did Metallica have?

they considered from one of the most talented band in the history of metal. They improved Heavy metal music, They are the guitar heroes and metal Kings.
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