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Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in extreme northwest Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
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What is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in northern Africa. Its coastline is the NorthAtlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Western Saharaand Algeria. It is near Gibraltar.
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Is Morocco in Arizona?

No. Morocco is not in Arizona. Morocco is a country in Africa andis separate from the United States.
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Why visit Morocco?

Some come to Morocco to see the market at Marrakesh. Some cometo see the the Hassan II Mosque. Some come to see Rabat's Oudaias Kasbah. Some love the cafes of Tangier.So ( Full Answer )
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What does Morocco trade?

Morocco trades clothing and textiles, electric components,inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers(including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruit ( Full Answer )
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What traditions do they have in Morocco?

One of the richest aspects of Morocco's culture is its music. Made up of more than twenty-five different types, Moroccan music reflects the richness of its diversity and echoe ( Full Answer )
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Does Morocco have elections?

Yes. However, the elections do not mean much since the King ofMorocco is not elected and maintains most political power in thecountry.
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Are there hospitals in Morocco?

No , morocco is a very poor place. They have many diseases and you can die from it. You must male sure you visit your Doctor before heading over there
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What is surrounding Morocco?

Morocco has the Atlas Mountains, Spain and Portugal to the north, Western Sahara to the southwest, Mauritania to the south, and Algeria to the east.
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Why was Morocco named Morocco?

The English name "Morocco" originates from, respectively, theSpanish and Portuguese names "Marruecos" and "Marrocos". These, inturn, derived from "Marrakesh", the medieval Lat ( Full Answer )