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Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in extreme northwest Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
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What is Morocco?

morocco is a country wich is in the north of afriqua. it is known by its delecious food like couscous,pastilla,and especially tajine with beef or lamb or fish. the capital of (MORE)

How cold is Morocco?

Well it depends in the winter it is really cold slightly icy. In some parts of Morocco it will snow. In the summer everything is boiling. You dont want to experience it. B (MORE)

Why is Morocco an ledc?

It is a less economically developed country because it's primarily a non-industrial nation. Most Moroccans are involved in agriculture, especially in the rural areas. While th (MORE)
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Why is Morocco important?

It's not. They didn't do anything to help anyone but Franklin D. Roosevelt helped them by developing war stratagies to win a war against France and Spain to free them. It work (MORE)