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What is the longest river in New South Wales?

According to the Australian Government's GeoScience website, the  Murray River is the longest river in both New South Wales and the  entire continent of Australia. The lengt (MORE)

How was New South Wales named?

New South Wales was named by Lieutenant James Cook on his famous voyage in the Endeavour in 1770. When he saw the east coast of what is now called Australia, he named it after (MORE)

Is New South Wales a country?

No. New South Wales is a state in the country of Australia. The country of "Wales", after which New South Wales was named, is in the UK.
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What are 3 towns in New South Wales?

Wagga Wagga . Parkes . Forbes . Wellington . Adelong . Moree . Nyngan . Wee Waa . Bingara . Walla Walla . Tamworth . Armidale . Walgett . Lightning Ridge . Kyogl (MORE)

How did New South Wales get its name?

It was a newly discovered territory in the south named for Wales, hence, New South Wales. Specifically, James Cook, who was the first European to chart the area, named the e (MORE)

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