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Where is the Niger River?

It begins in southeastern Guinea and runs through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and through Nigeria emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Niger Delta.
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Who is the President of Niger?

Mahamadou Issoufou is the President of Niger. He won a presidential run-off election against Seyni Oumarou on 2011 March 12 by 57.95% to 42.05%. Issoufou was officially sworn ( Full Answer )
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Where is Niger?

Niger is a western, landlocked, African country. It borders Nigeriaand Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeriaand Libya to the north and Chad to the eas ( Full Answer )
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What does Niger meen?

It means black in Latin. It is the name of a country in Africa and another country, Nigeria, gets its name from it. It is the root word of the name for the spice nigella. It i ( Full Answer )
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What is helleborous Niger?

I think you spelled it wrong? But if you were looking for helleborus Niger it is the scientific name for Black Hellebore
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What rhymes with Niger?

Niger is a country in Western Africa and it does not rhyme with either "trigger" or "tiger". It is pronounced Nye-djer, which doesn't rhyme with anything. Of course the people ( Full Answer )
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Is Niger named for the Niger river?

Yes, Niger or Nig ér depending on your pronounciation is named after the River Niger
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How big is Niger?

Niger (Republic of Niger) covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km 2 , most of this is desert.
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What is Niger River?

it is a river in Nigeria ( west Africa) it runs through 5 countries, Guinea , Mali , Niger , Benin and Nigeria it is the third longest river in Africa. its source is in guinea ( Full Answer )
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What is the climate in Niger?

it is verry hot most of the tme !!!! but it is also humid most of the time, that is because it is near the Niger wiver