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What level does your Pokemon GO into onyx?

Onyx is a base pokemon. But, it can evolve into Steelix which can be done by giving it the METAL COAT to hold, and then trading it. Alternatively, you can catch its evolved fo (MORE)
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Is Leo's Birthstone Ruby or Onyx?

It depends on which method you use to determine the birthstone for Leo. July 23-Aug. 22 is the Zodiac sign of Leo. The stone that is designated for this zodiac sign is Onyx. (MORE)

How do you get the Onyx X armor in mass effect 1?

Onyx armour is available for sale at many merchants and will come up often as a found item in crates and lockers. The level that will be available will depend on your characte (MORE)
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What is the cleavage of onyx?

Onyx like agates is a crypto-crystalline mineral and so it doesn't have any cleavages developed.
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What month has onyx as a birth stone?

Onyx is not a traditional birthstone. But Onyx gemstone is the birthstone for the month of February, while it is the mystical stone for December and a lucky charm for peop (MORE)

What is the color onyx?

  The natural colors of true onyx are usually red or brown with white, although black is occasionally encountered as one of the colors. Since onyx itself is a type of tran (MORE)
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14KP 281 fjg black onyx 12 diamonds is it real?

14 kp means that the item is exactly 14 karats of gold. As for the diamonds, only a bench jeweler or a jewelry appraiser can determine if they are real. Even a picture can't t (MORE)
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Where can one find high quality onyx jewelry?

One can find and purchase high quality onyx jewelry on websites such as Alie Express and Chanti. They are also available on eBay, DH Gate, This is Nottingham or Gemvara.
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Which stone is more valuable onyx or topaz?

Definitely topaz, onyx is much more abundant and is usually dyed (which is an accepted practice), if the topaz is natural, its worth much more. There are different types of to (MORE)