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Where did Ottawa get its name?

Adàwe is the Algonquin word meaning "to trade". The Outaouaks were a trading nation of the Anishinàbe family. It is from Outaouak that "Ottawa" is derived. It is the Eng (MORE)

What is Ottawa?

Ottawa is the name of a major river which, in part, forms the boundary between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ottawa is the name of a city on the Ottawa River that is th (MORE)
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Why is Ottawa named Ottawa?

Ottawa is named Ottawa because Ottawa means traders and they were really good traders.Tthey also called themselves Anishinabe which means original person.

What hemisphere is Ottawa in?

It is in the Northern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere - takeyour pick - it depends on whether you want to divide the globealong the 0° and 180° longitudes or along (MORE)
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What biome is Ottawa?

Ottawa, Ontario Canada is located in the taiga biome, otherwise known as the boreal forest or conniferous forest.
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Why is Ottawa the best?

Ottawa is a great place to go since it has a rich history in politics and governmental issues. It is also the capital of Canada. Many popular attractions include The Parliamen (MORE)

What longitude is Ottawa?

Ottawa is a big and beautiful city, with many different points in it at many different longitudes. The center of the intersection of Wellington St and Ottawa River Pkwy is lo (MORE)