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When was Pink Floyd formed?

1967. Thier first album was The Pipers at the Gates of Dawn.   Actually, according to numerous sources, The first performances of the band Pink Floyd (The Pink Floyd Sound) (MORE)

What albums are by Pink Floyd?

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn A Saucerful of Secrets Relics Ummagumma More(movie soundtrack) Zabriskie Point(movie soundtrack) Atom Heart Mother Meddle Obscured by Clouds Dar (MORE)

What are all Pink Floyds songs?

ALBUMS   PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN (1967) Astronomy DomineLucifer SamMatilda MotherFlamingPow R Toc HTake Up Thy Stethescope And WalkInterstellar OverdriveThe GnomeChapter (MORE)

In pink Floyd which ones pink?

 In the name Pink Floyd, the name Pink Is in the name Pink Floyd. So there you go.  OR... The correct answer; From Wikipedia  There is no "Pink" per se, the name Pink Flo (MORE)

Who is pink in Pink Floyd?

There is no "Pink" in the band Pink Floyd.   The original leader of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett) named the band  after Pink Anderson and Floyd Council- two blues musicians fr (MORE)

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