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What does Pinterest mean?

Pinterest is the name of a popular pinboard-style social sharing website. The name is a play on the words "pin" + "interest" - giving us Pinterest. Pin what interests you.

Is Pinterest down?

At the time of writing this answer, Pinterest was not experiencing any downtime. They are great at keeping members updated on any scheduled maintenance and unexpected outages (MORE)

How does Pinterest work?

Once you have a Pinterest account you can create "pinboards". For example, you may have one called "Kitchen Ideas" or "Bedroom ideas". You can then pin things to this board. O (MORE)

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site. You create boards and share your images with other users. While it may good for traffic, I see its real power in how you can use it for brand (MORE)

What is a Pinterest URL?

A URL is the Universal Resource Locator, a string of characterswhich is used to identify or name a resource. In other words, it'sthe string of characters that specifies where (MORE)

Is pinterest fun?

In my opinion Pinterest is very fun(; It doesn't matter what age you are you can be old or young and you will enjoy it. If you don't like it there is an option of deleting you (MORE)

Who created Pinterest?

Pinterest was created by entrepreneursPaul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann and launched in March2010..

How do you get on Pinterest?

Go to the Pinterest home page ( and click "Join Pinterest". On the new page you are given the option to use your Twitter or Facebook account or to make an acco (MORE)