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Can someone send you an invite to Pinterest?

When Pinterest was invite-only, any existing member could send another person an invite to use the service. Pinterest is no longer by invitation only, rather it is open to the (MORE)

What websites are like Pinterest?

There isn't really any other website that has the same concept as Pinterest; however there are several that are close including We Heart It, Fancy and Gentlemint (FOR MEN!). P (MORE)

Is pinterest fun?

In my opinion Pinterest is very fun(; It doesn't matter what age you are you can be old or young and you will enjoy it. If you don't like it there is an option of deleting you (MORE)

What is the ticker symbol for Pinterest?

Pinterest is not a public company, nor is it listed on any financial or trading markets. Therefore, it does not, at this time, have a stock or ticker symbol.
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How do you unpin something on Pinterest?

Follow these instructions to unpin something on Pinterest: Go to the board the pin is in and then click on the pin itself. Once the pin has opened, hover over it and click " (MORE)

What is the age requirement for Pinterest?

Pinterest's Terms of Service state that you should be at least 13 years old to have an account.
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How do you create a Pinterest account?

Previously, you required an invitation to join Pinterest.    However, you can now sign up via Facebook or your email address.  Both of these options are available for (MORE)

What does Pinterest worthy mean?

When someone says something is Pinterest worthy, they are complimenting it. They are saying that something is so great and/or nice to look at that it should be featured on the (MORE)

How do you permanently delete your pinterest account?

You can not delete your Pinterest account. If you  go to settings, then go to account settings, and then press  deactivate account you can log off and nobody can see your ac (MORE)