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What is pregnancy?

The state of being pregnant, or carrying a developing fetus insidethe body. Pregnancy is the time you are pregnant
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Can you get pregnancy?

You can't catch being pregnant. The only ways to get pregnant is through intercourse, A.I, and a turkey baster.
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Can you have a successful pregnancy if you have had tubal pregnancy?

Absolutely! If your tube was damaged during the tubal pregnancy you may experience some trouble conceiving, however carrying a pregnancy to term after an ectopic pregnancy sho ( Full Answer )
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What is the pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time you are pregnant....the 3 trimesters.....hope you have heard about all that so you know what i am talking about.
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What is a pregnancy?

A pregnancy is the time line (in a humans case... 9 months) you get before you give birth to your baby. It is the time when your baby is growing in uturo (your belly) and this ( Full Answer )
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When can you get Pregnancy?

A woman can get pregnant at any time. She can even get pregnant on her period. It all depends on when she ovulates.
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How get pregnancy?

You can get pregnant by having sex, sex is when a boy's private area ( Penis ) goes in to a girl's private area ( Vagina ). When the boy's penis gives out sperms inside of a g ( Full Answer )
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What to do for no pregnancy?

Seriously? You haven't yet learned what a condom is? There reallyisn't a whole lot to it. If you don't want to get knocked up ordon't want to knock someone else up, then bite ( Full Answer )
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How do you get pregnancy?

There are few prerequisite for the pregnancy to take place. Youshould be a female. You should belong to the age group of menarcheto menopause. Then you need to have sexual con ( Full Answer )