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How long is the quarantine for a Swine Flu patient?

Quarantine is a word that means separation of a potentially contagious person by legal mandate, which may be necessary in some communicable disease situations, but for now wit (MORE)

Why did friar john get quarantined?

because he went to check up on one of his fellow church members that had the sickness and came into contact with the disease so they quarantined to prevent the further spread (MORE)
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Is Quarantine based on a true story?

No, this movie is not based on a true story. What kind of sickness could make people angry in 40 minutes?
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What is Quarantine?

THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to stop the spread of disease.. THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to sto (MORE)

What is quarantine in agriculture?

A crop or herd of livestock under quarantine means that an agronomist, pathologist, or veterinarian has found positive evidence of some kind of (usually) pathogenic infection (MORE)

When would you need to quarantine an animal?

When The Animal Is Going To Be About To Die, Or When It Is Going To Be Eaton By Another Animal. Generally, an animal is quarantined if it bites a person or other animal & brea (MORE)
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What are some of the advantages of quarantining people?

A) Makes sure that you dont have any diseases during the quarentine time that havent had the time to incubate and set in.  B) Makes sure that if you do have any sicknesses t (MORE)