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What is a quarantine?

Government keeps someone or something for 40 days for examination to make sure it doesn't contain any threats to the country. THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sic ( Full Answer )
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What does quarantine mean?

To quarantine something is to set it aside in a secured place, temporarily or permanently, in order to prevent its action or influence affecting anyone or anything else. Th ( Full Answer )
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How does quarantine work?

A quarantine is started to prevent an infection from spreading to others by isolating and treating those who are already infected. By cutting off contact with others, the viru ( Full Answer )
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What Does Quarantined mean?

"Quarantine" is a word used by virus protection software to refer to the cleansing of a file of a virus. Instead of deleting the file, which is usually another option, the sof ( Full Answer )
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Where was the first quarantine?

The first quarantining took place in Bible times. You can read of this account in. the book of Numbers 5:1-4
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What is the definition of quarantine?

It means to isolate someone or something from everyone else. Typically used in keeping a diseased person away from everyone else to prevent the spread of that disease. Origina ( Full Answer )
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What are quarantine reports?

Your "QUARANTINE REPORT" is a list of emails that are considered to be SPAM. You may open the quarantine report like any email to view the contents. Most of the entries in the ( Full Answer )
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What is the movie Quarantine about?

The movie Quarantine (2008) is an American remake of a Spanish horror film called REC (2007). The movie is about a female TV reporter and her cameraman, who are trapped i ( Full Answer )
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What was a naval quarantine?

I believe it was a blockade that the U.S. put up in front of Cuba to prevent the soviet union from going into there. ......I think.
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What is quarantine system?

The quarantine system is a standard safety procedure to prevent contamination. Say for example for food handlers, fish. Hands must be washed with soap before and after handlin ( Full Answer )