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What does quarantine mean?

To quarantine something is to set it aside in a secured place, temporarily or permanently, in order to prevent its action or influence affecting anyone or anything else. The (MORE)

If you have mononucleosis do you have to be in quarantine?

This is directly from the CDC: Most individuals exposed to people with infectious mononucleosis have previously been infected with EBV and are not at risk for infectious monon (MORE)

What is Quarantine?

THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to stop the spread of disease.   THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to (MORE)

What are the dog quarantine laws in Greece?

  Embassy of Greece 2221 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008 (202) 939-5800 E-mail: A pet must have a current Health Certificate (MORE)

What is the definition of quarantine?

It means to isolate someone or something from everyone else. Typically used in keeping a diseased person away from everyone else to prevent the spread of that disease. Origina (MORE)

What is quarantine in agriculture?

A crop or herd of livestock under quarantine means that an agronomist, pathologist, or veterinarian has found positive evidence of some kind of (usually) pathogenic infection (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word quarantine?

Because the people were sick with Ebola and no one wanted it to spread, they were all quarantined in a separate house. ---- The sick child was placed in quarantine so that (MORE)