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What is Quarantine?

THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to stop the spread of disease.   THe study of Quarintine is the seperating the sick from the healthy to (MORE)
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What is a quarantine?

Government keeps someone or something for 40 days for examination to make sure it doesn't contain any threats to the country.
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What does quarantine mean?

To quarantine something is to set it aside in a secured place, temporarily or permanently, in order to prevent its action or influence affecting anyone or anything else. The (MORE)

What Does Quarantined mean?

"Quarantine" is a word used by virus protection software to refer to the cleansing of a file of a virus. Instead of deleting the file, which is usually another option, the sof (MORE)

What is the definition of quarantine?

It means to isolate someone or something from everyone else. Typically used in keeping a diseased person away from everyone else to prevent the spread of that disease. Origina (MORE)

What are quarantine reports?

Your "QUARANTINE REPORT" is a list of emails that are considered to be SPAM. You may open the quarantine report like any email to view the contents. Most of the entries in the (MORE)
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What was a naval quarantine?

I believe it was a blockade that the U.S. put up in front of Cuba to prevent the soviet union from going into there. ......I think.

What is quarantine system?

The quarantine system is a standard safety procedure to prevent contamination. Say for example for food handlers, fish. Hands must be washed with soap before and after handlin (MORE)