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How did Queen Victoria become Queen?

Her grandfather was George III, and her father was his 4th son. Her uncle George IV had no children, so when he died, his brother William IV became king. William IV had no chi (MORE)

Why was Queen Victoria not Queen of England?

The reason why she was not the queen of England is because she reigned during the 19 and very early 20th Century when English Monarchy ended technically in 1603. James VI then (MORE)

Who was Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch and the figurehead of a vast empire. She oversaw vast changes in British society and gave her name to an age   Victo (MORE)

Why is Queen Victoria Queen?

Because she was born from a mom that was in the royal family (or her dad was royal)So when her mom or dad died or when they decided to give the crown to her she became queen b (MORE)

Who was crowned queen after Queen Victoria?

It depends on if you mean Queen Consort or Queen in her own right. The next person crowned Queen after Queen Victoria was her daugher in law Alexandra who was the wife of Vict (MORE)

Why did Queen Victoria get crowned queen?

Queen Victoria ascended the throne at age 18, upon William IV's  death in 1837. Queen Victoria was the daughter of the only daughter  of Edward, Duke of Kent, who died short (MORE)

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