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How do you deal with racism?

It sometimes pays to tell a racist off. A racist's bark is often worse than his or her bite. Make it known to him or her that you feel disrespected and offended. The racist ma (MORE)
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What can racism do?

What can racism do?    1. It can make one say, "Racism is feeling one is better than those  of another culture. I don't feel I am better than any other, so I'm  not r (MORE)
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Is there an adverb for racism?

No. There is an adverb pessimistically for pessimism, but no  adverbs like racistically or even  racialistically. You would have to use a prepositional or  participial phra (MORE)

Who is racism?

Racism is not a person, it's an idea. It's the idea that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; the belief that one race is superior to all others; prejudice or disc (MORE)

Why did racism start?

The reason being is because some people felt superior, entitled, better, and more deserving of any good than others who were a different color than them. When it comes to pers (MORE)

When was racism at its worst?

Back in the 30's 40's 50's and also in the 60's but it still goes  on today. But, in the U.S., the first half of the 20th century,  when slavery was in full force throughout (MORE)
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Why is there racism in Australia?

One point of view: The same reason there is racism all over the world; ignorance and intolerance. Many racists have a fear in them of the race or races they unjustifiably judg (MORE)
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Why the racism happen?

Racism occurs because some people are full of hate and think that they're the most perfect people in the world because of the color of their skin, etc. Basically racism was (MORE)