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What party did the Democratic-Republican Party become?

The Democratic-Republican Party split into two separate parties in 1824: the National Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The National Republican Party later becoming (MORE)

Why is there a Republican Party and a democratic party?

The Republican and Democratic parties exist due to the strikingly contrasting ethnic and cultural differences of each. Though both parties originally lacked ideological differ (MORE)

What did the Republican Party and the federalist consensus on?

   The First Party System  Federalists and Republicans - The First Party  System  Party Names Federalist Party  Republican Party Consensus on:   The United States (MORE)

Did the Republican Party come out of the Whig Party?

In a way it did. The dissolution of the Whigs created a political vacuum that enabled the new Republican Party to gain power. It essentially comprised many of the same (or sim (MORE)

Symbol of US Republican Party?

The symbol of the Republican party is the elephant. Rumor has it that while President Grant was contemplating running for a third term, several animals escaped from the New Yo (MORE)

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