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Was Saddam Hussein a good leader?

he was not a very good leader all he wanted was power and to take over land that wasnot his and to take control of the oil population. He  used chemical weapons to remove Kur (MORE)

Why did everybody hate Saddam Hussein?

  Saddam Hussein was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Kurdish people in Iraq (killing them with gases.) He killed over 5000 of his people towards the end of the (MORE)

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Why do people hate Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein was the dictator of Iraq. He was a leader who ruled with arrogance and brutality. Many times, he murdered those who simply opposed his rule. He even murdered pe (MORE)

Who was Saddam Hussein?

A fanatical leader of Iraq until recently when he was caught by  troops sent in to rid the country of him and rid him of the  country. He murdered thousands of his citizens (MORE)

Why was Saddam Hussein assassinated?

On 30 June 2004, Saddam Hussein, held in custody by U.S. forces at the U.S. base "Camp Cropper", along with 11 other senior Baathist leaders, were handed over legally (though (MORE)
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Did the Shiites support Saddam Hussein?

No. Saddam Hussein was Sunni, which did not endear him to the  Shiites in Iraq or to the Shiite leadership in Iran. However, there  were a large number of Shiites in the Ira (MORE)