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What is semolina?

  Answer   The starchy interior of a grain of Durham wheat.     Semolina is the purified middlings of durum wheat used in making pasta; also, the coarse middli (MORE)

How do you make semolina halva?

  Hi try this recipe. I used to have one from the hare Krishna cookbook that didn't have all the spices just sultanas butter etc but this one looks good http://www.kur (MORE)

Is semolina organic?

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Is semolina wheat gluten free?

No, semolina wheat is not technically gluten free thus those who suffer from coeliac disease would not be advised to consume it. However, those who are merely gluten sensitive (MORE)

What is semolina dough?

Semolina is a byproduct of wheat processing. It does not contain the bran. Raw and dry, it looks a little like grainy cornmeal: tiny yellow pellets about the size of a grain (MORE)