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What is shopping?

Shopping is the process of browsing for goods and items in stores, online of physical.
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Where do you shop?

In Amazon. yeah, Amaon is a good shopping place, and eBay and Topons as well
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Where do they shop?

They can shop anywhere they like it depends on were they live and they choose them self hope this helped :) (:

Which shops are comparison shops?

Are you looking for online comparison shops? If so, consider checking out Shopwiki. Shopwiki features a series of buyer's guides written by people who have used the products y (MORE)
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Is the golf shopping shop a fake?

Company sells fake clubs. I bought a TM R7 driver. The paint is wrong, and the club is magnetic. This company is selling cheap fakes of clubs. Also took 3 weeks for them to ar (MORE)

What is they shopping? visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining seek or examine goods, property, etc., offered for sale: Retail merchants often stock their stores by shoppi (MORE)

Why do you shopping?

Well i love to doing shopping because i enjoyed it a lot. I treated as an entertainment. I got many experience's while doing shopping. Now i am interesting to doing shopping o (MORE)

How can I shop?

First you have to decide if you want it online or you want to do  it personally. Then you have to decide on the things that you want  to buy. For example: I am a very busy p (MORE)